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Oh dear, another one of your projects, Marieke?

Well… Yes.

And this one seems to have nothing to do with writing or theatre, but in fact… This project combines the lot. It’s about the way I manage my time, and consequently… my life. 

I do a lot. And with that, I mean a lot. 

And now is the time to share how I do all that with you. Where do I find the time to write, teach, care for my family, and generally do what I love? Well, with Momentum Time Wizardry I’m going to reveal the secrets.

Should you want to know all about what’s coming up, send me an e-mail at: You’ll be first to know when cool freebies are out, when the book is launching (oh yes!!) and when courses are about to start (creating them as you read, probably 😀 ).

If you need immediate assistance, you can contact me as well 😉 . Also on, or via instagram (@timewizardry) of facebook (momentumtimewizardry).

See you soon!

With love, Marieke

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