Canceling your Morning Magic subscription

Of course you can stop Morning Magic if you want. You can do that by sending an email to

Note: Unsubscribing only does NOT stop your subscription! You must indicate in writing that you wish to terminate the subscription, otherwise I cannot process it in the administration.

Notice period:
You pay per month. Inform me at least 5 working days before your current month ends that you no longer want to continue. Keep an eye on your first mail – that is the date that counts. So if you became a member on February 23, you have to cancel before the 18th, otherwise you will be added for another month. I’d love to have you for that month, but if you don’t want it anymore it might be a bit of a waste 😉

In special cases you can always contact me via the above address.

I hope that this is completely clear and that you do not want to take the above action for a long time, because I think it is far too nice to start every day with an awesome dose of Magic.

Enjoy your Morning Magic and have a wonderful day!

Love, Marieke